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Rolife Mini Town Series Miniature Dollhouse Kits

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Store Series (3 kits)
Room Series (3 kits)
Mini Town Series (6 kits)
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Many of you may have played some town simulation games on your phone or computer. If you love these games, now you have a chance to build a cute mini town with your own hands! We have a variety of miniature house kits for you to choose. Assemble all the parts together and DIY your own one!

Robotime-Rolife Mini Town Store Series includes:

Free Time Bookshop DS008

  • Assembled size: 85*62*128 mm (3.35*2.44*5.04 in)
  • Weight: 300g (0.66 Ibs)

Morning Fruit Store DS009

  • Assembled size: 85*65*153 mm (3.35*2.56*6.02 in)
  • Weight: 320g (0.71 Ib)

Sweet Jam Shop DS010

  • Assembled size: 90*75*155 mm (3.54*2.95*6.10 in)
  • Weight: 360g (0.79 Ib)

Robotime-Rolife Mini Town Room Series includes:

Flavor Kitchen DS011

  • Assembled size: 85*62*155 mm (3.35*2.44*6.10 in)
  • Weight: 370g (0.82 Ib)

Dream Yard DS012

  • Assembled size: 86*64*155 mm (3.39*2.52*6.10 in)
  • Weight: 350g (0.77 Ib)

Borrowed Garden DS013

  • Assembled size: 85*70*130 mm (3.35*2.76*5.12 in)
  • Weight: 350g (0.77 Ib)

Note: Due to customs policy, glue, battery, or pigment may not be included in the package.

Rolife Mini Town Series DIY Miniature Dollhouse (6 kits)